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The Dunes Safari Camp

Located at the Sam Sand Dunes, it is a luxury resort that goes above and beyond to curate the best possible customer experiences. Divided between 8 luxury tents and 12 Deluxe cottages, these tents are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities to make for a comfortable living. 

Be it late night camel safari, or a sunbath on the verandah of your cottages, Dune Safari Camp is more than just a resort. Starting from cultural folk dances to music shows and a food palate that shows the colors of Rajasthan, get in touch with your heritage by opting to stay at Dune Safari Camp. We promise you, you won’t regret it! Customer service is their biggest strength, for whom they go the extra mile to ensure that they (the customers) have a happy and memorable stay!

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Luxury Cottages

Total Number Of Rooms : 12

The cottages are packed with all the amenities that makes your stay comfortable. With customer service going the extra mile to make your stay filled with happy and memorable experiences.

Additional Facilities

Luxury Tents

Total Number Of Rooms : 08

Luxury tents are equipped with all the necessary amenities in line with a cultural ambiance of Thar Desert and Jaisalmer, making it a perfect combination for enjoying the rich culture, history, folk dances, rajasthani food and natural beauty of the the Thar Desert.

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