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A beautiful hill station nestled in the outskirts, Bhimtal is considered to be an idyllic and less crowded version of Nainital where tourists can enjoy tranquil beauty of the atmosphere and hills around – the place is named after Bhima from the ancient mythical legend of Mahabharata. The most attractive and popular destination of the city is the Bhimtal lake where tourists enjoy boat rides, watch the sunset, and take a walk around the lake.
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Places to visit...


Bhimtal Lake

Entitled as the largest lake in Kumaon and about 20kms from Nainital, Bhimtal Lake is the crown jewel of the lake city and is always on the top of the sightseeing itinerary. The lake is so mesmerizing and picturesque that each spot will make you feel worth clicking and while enjoying boating you can click some of the best pictures during sunsets.


Victoria Dam

Located on one end of the Bhimtal lake, Victoria Dam is a fascinating tourist attraction place to visit in Bhimtal. The place has a flowered terrace garden that creates a panoramic view of the lake and beautiful surroundings. Close to the dam is an old 17th century Bhimeshwar Temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva and turns out to be alive especially in Shivratri.

Hidimba Parvat

If you are a nature lover and eager to explore the lake city’s lush green landscape then you should definitely take a visit to the Hidimba Parvat, it is an easy hike to the hills and stretches for just 2 kms.You can walk down to Vankhandi Ashram setup by Vankhandi Maharaj who was an environmentalist, it’s believed that the monk built the place as a shelter home for animals.

Nal Damyanti Tal

Once you plan for a venture outside the city, you will find various tranquil places to visit near Bhimtal such as Nal Damyanti Tal – the small natural lake is often eclipsed by the much larger Bhimtal Lake. Rather than taking a taxi, try to walk down the lane while exploring Kumaoni architecture, beautiful sattal with it’s group of seven lakes and tranquil peace beauty around.

Butterfly Research Center

If you have interest in entomology then Butterfly Research Center is the best place for you to take a visit and explore a variety of both butterflies and moths – the place is the fourth largest reference collection of the species. You can hire a guide who will let you know about the habitats and lifestyle of each species and apart you can enjoy a nature walk around.

Pines Old Cemetery

Pine Old Cemetery is also in the list of must visit places in Bhimtal, you can unveil the old history of the place, wonderful serene and peace around. You can explore the grounds and witness British era gravestones dating back to the 1800’s and ruins that creates a lovely setting for a leisure walk to a small waterfall nearby.

Bhimtal Island Aquarium

The Lake Development Authority of Bhimtal has introduced this Island Aquarium that is a shelter home to fish species of South Africa, China and Mexico. The place is located on an island in the middle of the Bhimtal Lake and so to reach the place you need to go for a boat ride – so you can visit the aquarium and enjoy the boat ride too.

Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple

Named after one of the Pandava brothers in Mahabharat, the Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple is named after Bhima and is also one of the reasons behind Bhimtal being so popular amongst the tourists. The temple was built in the 17th century and is devoted to Lord Shiva and the pristine architecture is praised by both tourists and locals.

Karkotak Temple

If you are still waiting for an additional famous destination in Bhimtal to visit then Karkotak Temple is the must visit place in Bhimtal where mostly people take a visit to do meditation. The place seems like sitting on a snake head from where you can enjoy an unspoiled view of The Himalayas and nearby is a spot for paragliding – so you can enjoy both peace and adventure at the same place.

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