Holi is one of the most significant festivals of India that is celebrated with most eagerness on the full moon day of Phagun. People all over India celebrate holi in many different ways with different customs.

Apart from playing with colors, there are so many interesting ceremonies and customs that are related with holi in Rajasthan, Delhi, UP, Bihar and many other places of North India; and Trulyy India gives you a chance to celebrate holi in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttarakhand.

So, if you want to be a part of holi 2021 events and parties in Udaipur, Ranthambore, Jodhpur, Kumbhalgarh, Jaisalmer, Sasan Gir, Bhimtal you should definitely attend holi party 2021 by Trulyy India. There are so many things which makes the holi in India interesting and you are about to know about it!! People drink bhang, thandai, lassi, and cook various holi special dishes like gujiya, samosa, gatte ki sabzi and pakode wali kadhi. And all those costumes, tales from thousands of years ago makes the holi festival a big deal in India.

The Royal Holi Of Udaipur

Experience the most happening holi celebration in Udaipur with Trulyy India at one of the most promising mountain view resorts that will blow off your mind with the mesmerizing views and surrounding nature all around. It is a calm and solace place that will give you a peaceful atmosphere from the urban chaos. There are so many good hotels and resorts that will be organizing the private holi parties but out of all, The Maharana Bagh by Trulyy India Hotels and Resorts will be organizing the best holi parties in Udaipur.

If you really want to experience the true holi of Rajasthan, visit the Shambhu Vilas Palace at the night of holi and witness the ritual of “Holika Dahan” by the royal family and witness the Gair dance and many other cultural activities for which Udaipur is famous for. And next day enjoy playing with holi colors with your near and dear ones and make your holi a memorable one in Udaipur.

See The Vibrant Colors Of Holi in Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh is a vibrant place of Rajasthan that delves deeper into the festivals. Amidst the shower of various colors, Kumbhalgarh is all set to gear up for a fantastic holi celebration. Everyone spends this joyous day dancing, singing and throwing powder colors and colored water on each other and having fun filled moments with their loved ones and this is what makes the holi celebration more vivid and exuberant.

Trulyy India is coming up with most amazing Holi events and parties in Kumbhalgarh. The Kumbha Residency & Kumbhalgarh Safari Camp are the two most promising properties in Kumbhalgarh where you can plan your upcoming holi trip, if you are planning to celebrate holi in Kumbhalgarh.

The Most Vivid Holi Festival in Jodhpur

Holi is a festival of colors, a festival that signifies the victory of good over evil, it indicates the end of the winter season & the arrival of spring. It is a day when people meet each other, forget and forgive, play and laugh with each other and not remember the ruptured relationships of the past. There might be different customs and traditions to celebrate the holi festival throughout the country but the spirit to celebrate the holi festival is the only thing that remains the same throughout the country.

But if you want to experience the best royal holi in Jodhpur, there will be a most happening holi party at Trulyy Rudransh Inn by Trulyy India which is happened to be the best holi party 2021 in Jodhpur. So, if you want to experience the royal holi of Jodhpur, this seems to be the best deal for you.

Witness The Radiant Colors Of Holi in Jaisalmer

Holi is around the corner and the excitement is already seen on people’s faces. And there are so many good hotels and resorts that organize private holi parties or holi events in Jaisalmer. The sky filled with bright colors of abeer & gulal, people throwing power colors and pouring colored water buckets on one another and kids throwing water balloons and playing with their pichkaris are the things that makes the holi festival more vibrant and interesting.

Although holi is celebrated for two days, one first day there are rituals and customs of “Holika Dahan” but the great excitement is seen on the second day when it is time to play holi with colors.

Experience The Most Fascinated Holi in Ranthambore

Ranthambore is a small town in Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan and is very famous for its wildlife sanctuary. It is a well known royal hunting ground and a home for leopards, tigers as well as crocodiles. There are plenty of sightseeing places which makes it an interesting place to spend your holi festival this year. When it comes to holi in India, your caste or religion does not matter.

They all come together as an Indian and play holi with colors. Trulyy India is giving you a chance to be a part of Ranthambore holi festival at The Tiger Roar that happens to be the best place to celebrate holi in Ranthambore. You can enjoy the festival of colors with your loved ones as well as enjoy the wildlife safari and sightseeing of the interesting places in Ranthambore and make your holi trip the most memorable one.

Watch The Vibrant Colors Of Holi in Sasan Gir

Sasan Gir National park and wildlife sanctuary is the only place where you can witness the mighty Asiatic Lion in their natural habitat. Their incredible encounter as well as overwhelming safaris will make your vacation very much exciting and you can even enjoy holi celebration in Gir.

You can enjoy the lion safari, witness the Asiatic Lions as well as many other wild animals, insects and birds and be a part of the best holi parties in Gir by Trulyy India at the Gir Lion Safari camp. You can enjoy a peaceful staycation with your buddies, enjoy a wildlife safari and enjoy the festival of colors like never before in nature’s lap. Believe it or not, it will be the best holi celebration you have ever had in your life.

See The Lively Colors Of Holi Festival in Bhimtal

Bhimtal is an ideal place and literally the less crowded version of Nainital, nestled in the outskirts with tranquil natural beauty all over. It is a very popular tourist destination where you can enjoy the boat rides, sunsets and enjoy the warm and soothing climate to enlighten your mood.

In fact it is the best place to go for your next vacation or a short trip. If you want to celebrate holi in Bhimtal, you are on the right track to have unlimited fun with your loved ones. Trulyy India is organizing the best holi party 2021 in Bhimtal at the Prince Residency, where you can enjoy the pool party, play holi with powder colors and splashing water and have unlimited fun with your near and dear ones.

Inshort, holi is such a beautiful festival that creates the feeling of inclusiveness as it is such a time when people look the same with the rainbow faces as their skin, hair and clothes look just the same and they even let go of their pride, prejudices, caste, and creeds.

So, lets celebrate this festival of colors with great enthusiasm and plan your holi trip today only with Trulyy India.

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