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  • Parisian night
  • Shakespearean wedding
  • Tropical forest
  • Moroccan Evening
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Royal Darbar
  • Bollywood blast
  • and many more

Themes Extraordinaire

Your dream theme implemented to perfection.

Parisian Night

Why need to fly to Paris when you can bring home Paris ? For couples who have been seeking a fancy fairy tale romantic wedding, we offer an amazing setup for a Paris style wedding where we try to decorate the surroundings with beautiful Persian decor and give a foreign feel to all the guests who tend to be the part of your big wedding day. With elegant style, decor, catering and humble hospitality, we add charm to each event.

Shakespearean Wedding

We all know the man for it’s romantic stories, novels and poems that define the feelings and emotions of love so gracefully that at times people build a fondness for one such fine wedding that has the romantic touch of Shakespeare novels. With elegant British style decoration and catering, we try to add charm in your big day by making it a cherishing memory forever.

Tropical Forest

Have you been immensely in love with the shades of flora and fauna ? We have an amazing tropical theme wedding for couples who have warm feelings for nature, colors of flowers and trees. You don’t have to go to the jungle for a forest wedding, we do the interiors of the venue that has an ideal resemblance of lush green jungles, with varied colorful species of flowers we add charm and fragrance in your event.

Moroccan Evening

For couples who would have desired for a Arabian style wedding, we have this category in which we do the beautiful decoration like a majestic palace with opulent silk and velvet cushions are kept on couch, old Moroccan wood tables, colored lanterns, gold embroidered drapes, brass tray tables with authentic hand painted impressions. We have everything that needs to be included in the Moroccan style wedding.

Hawaiian Luau

Do you want to relish the spirit of Aloha on your big wedding day ? We have this unique theme for couples who want to get a high energetic event where they could dance, have fun and create some memorable memory that would return back with them. This theme is unique as different colors, patterns, decorations, music and catering is done that it will make you feel like falling in love with your wedding venue, all over again.

Bollywood Blast Wedding

The one particular theme that every bride and groom have been fantasizing from an early age when they would hear about getting married. Bollywood big fat family weddings just like you have seen in movies, different songs for each moment, colorful bright decoration shimmering, mild fragrance of haldi and mehendi, blessings of your loved ones will definitely make you feel like a dream come true. With humble hospitality and remarkable services, we assure you to add charm in your event.


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